How to write a cover letter?

Here are few tips you can follow while writing a cover letter:

  • Put a mutual contact’s name in the first sentence (I have been advised by my good friend ________ that your firm has a vacancy for _________). This introduces a personal element and will draw attention towards your application
  • Write an anecdote about your job experience or life – a little humour is perfectly okay and can work to your advantage. But stay within the bounds of honesty and keep it short
  • Your career summary should be brief enough to be covered in two or three sentences. Avoid being verbose – it will not earn your brownie points
  • Explain your qualifications with illustrations and also give an idea as to how you will be an advantage to the company
  • Conclude your cover letter by mentioning when and how you will get in touch with them again
  • Use the job description you are applying for in your cover letter, but rephrase it. Don’t copy and paste it from the ad if you are responding to one

No matter if you are sending the application by post or email, ensure that you use complete sentences and words and have done a thorough grammar check. Also avoid using abbreviations like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’.

Refer to a few samples of ideal cover letters before writing yours. Take a few ideas from them and avoid the mistakes you note in the samples. Do not copy and paste template letters in their entirety – make yours unique and interesting.